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The public infrastructure improvement program aims to contribute to the improvement of public infrastructure and facilities that can boost the socio-economic activities of the communities in the vicinity of Ujung Pangkah and Manyar Sub districts, including:

  • Paving of approximately 3,274 m² in the villages of Pangkah Wetan, Pangkah Kulon, Banyuurip, Ngimboh, Manyar Sidorukun, Manyar Sidomukti;
  • Build one pre-school in Ngemboh village
  • Renovation of function room for the fishermen of Banyuurip and Ngimboh;
Water and Sanitation Program

The purpose of this program is to improve living condition from community includes provision 4 water tanks, 500 waste bin, provision 169.900 liter clean water to 1.704 household, and rising community awareness on hygiene and public health.

Seaweed Farming Development Program

The program objective is to improve varieties of seaweed in Api-api village, located in Waru sub district, Penajam Paser Utara.  Activities included:

  • Coordination with local stakeholders, including local government and local communities;
  • Seaweed seed provision;
  • One piloting area for seaweed cultivation.